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Approximately 6000 consumers are faced with vehicle repossession whilst 1600 home owners lose their properties through repossession each and every year.
There may be a varying number of known reasons that results in repossession ranging from- failing to pay all the arrears on a bond or vehicle; divorcing or separating; constrained by personal loans, pay day loans or credit cards.
Taking positive action to avoid repossession is exactly what this site is focused on - we will help you retain your vehicle or property that is due for repossession.

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Assets Repossession

Are you facing vehicle, property or furniture repossession and would like stop it?

Repossession stopping can be done generally, whatever level your repossession circumstance has already reached.

Repossession can be nerve-racking and upsetting - don't be concerned, ConsumerLaw is here to help you stop the repossession as quickly and effectively as is possible. This ConsumerLaw website could be the first step in stopping repossession of your property, vehicle or furniture.

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Exit Debt Review!

A consumer can generally exit debt review before or after a court order has been granted, we know that being told that you will remain under debt for five years can sound like you are serving a 5 year prison sentence as you might be having so many plans that require financial freedom.
Contacting the office of the Consumer Law is the first step towards rescinding your debt review court order.
Visiting our page Exit Debt Review page for more information.

We deal with the following legislation:

Have you received?

Garnishee Notice

Warrant of Delivery (Vehicle Repossession)

Notice of Sale in Execution (Sale of Home)

Notice of Attachment

Summons, Judgment

Letter of Demand

Debt Review Court Order

You have worked hard for your assets and being proactive about your debt situation could help to improve your financial situation

  • Talk to us and we will help you understand your situation much better.
  • We are able to assist with 90% of all consumer related matters brought to us..
  • Don’t sit there in despair and risk losing your assets!
  • Contact Consumer Law for a free consultation.
  • Our professional staff is sympathetic to your situation and treats every consultation in confidence.
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